Wednesday Wisdom: Nothing is Impossible

It always seems impossible until it's done.

Monday Musings: Fly Away (A Poem)

There is a bird who wants to fly away,

But her little heart is scared, full of doubt,

She is too afraid to spread her wings,

So, ignoring her desires she decides to stay.

She lives in a tree beside my window,

I’ve seen her looking at the sky,

Longingly, trying to muster up her courage,

But how can she when she fears her own shadow?

I see other birds as they come and go,

They’re free of all the shackles,

They don’t have anything holding them back,

While our little bird watches them flying to-and-fro.

I hope she will take flight someday,

I wonder how long will it be,

She shouldn’t let fear control her wishes,

When her soul wants badly to fly away.

Maybe, I can help, perhaps she needs a little nudge,

In the right direction, by someone she trusts,

But am I that person or will I do more harm?

Thoughts like that stop me and I won’t budge.

In a way, I’m just like the little birdie in her nest,

She is afraid to fly away and I am afraid to help,

Thinking I could be wrong and fearing the worst,

Perhaps, this is what we both need, it’s for the best.

Her day will come soon enough and she will leave,

My day will come and I will follow her too,

There is a little bird outside my window,

When I look at her, once again I want to believe.

We’re both scared of the unknown,

Too afraid to take a leap of faith,

Caught up in our own dark thoughts,

Unable to see the truth that life has shown.

But one day we will both be free,

We live in hope, preparing for our first flight,

Freedom will be ours, we will do what’s right,

And then, nothing would be impossible, you’ll see.

© 2019, Fizza Younis.


Monday Musings: Lost Soul (A Poem)

Engulfed by the darkness,

I lost my way.

Thinking about the past,

I lost sight of the present.

My vision blurred by the tears,

I forgot to see the light.

As if my throat just closed up,

I forgot to ask for help.

But I was wrong to have despaired,

It wasn’t the end of my story.

It was only a sad chapter,

Until I remembered to turn the page.

© 2019, Fizza Younis. All Rights Reserved.