Fiction Friday: Time Thief’s Love

He was a time thief. He used to sneak up to people unnoticed, stealing a few years of their lives that they’d never miss. It wasn’t like humans knew how much time they had on Earth, to begin with. There was no way anyone would ever catch him.

He wasn’t a bad person. After all, he didn’t do it for himself because he had no use for people’s life years. He was immortal. The trouble was that he loved a human. Their love was doomed from the start. Humans die. The very thought used to chill him to the core. That’s when he started stealing time. He stole it for her, his beloved.

Now, she was beginning to suspect something. How long a human could live without being suspicious? She knew something wasn’t right. Humans couldn’t live as long as she had. She wasn’t immortal. Then, she caught him in the act and that was the end of their love story.

He had given their relationship his all. He had loved her like he had never loved anyone before. His only crime was being selfish. He wanted her to live so that they could be together forever. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand his logic. To her, he had committed the worst crime and she couldn’t love a criminal. Someone who stole something as precious as time. So, she left him… with time on his hands and nothing else.

© 2020, Fizza Younis.